What is ZUMBA? 

Zumba is a mix of Latin Rythms and easy to follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program. 

The class is made up of small dance routines featuring interval training, where a mixture of fast and slow rhythms are used to tone and burn fat. Don’t be put off if you have two left feet or zero coordination as the sessions encourage a range of ages and abilities with simple steps that are regularly repeated. 

Well, if you have reach this point already you probably love to dance too! 

After attending and doing so many dance courses during my entire life, such as ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, flamenco, bellydance etc I decided to get my Zumba Instructor Certificated. What I love about Zumba is the energy, the colours and the infinity possibilities to mix as many dance styles as you want! 

At my Zumba classes you will laugh for sure, you will learn many different moves and you will definitely sweat! After one class you may feel physically tired but mentally relief as we will release a lot of endorphines having so much fun!

Come on! Let´s dance!