Conscious Movement

After years following courses, getting inspired by great professionals such as Thomas Myers, Brent Anderson or Mike Fitch, I have come to the conclusion that Conscious Movement is what characterizes them all, so in my classes you will find sequences of movements based on Pilates, Animal Flow, Dance or Yoga, which will help you move in a more efficient way.

Working from strength, stability and flexibility, we will give great importance to mobility. It is as important to know how to move as it is to understand what happens in your body and mind when you do it.

Benefits of Conscious Movement

The benefits of this modality that unifies everything, are mainly the fact that while reconnect through certain patterns; prevent injuries and release accumulated tensions in your tissues and muscles.

You will learn how to breath, how to ‘read’ your body and feeling that everything is connected, how to control your moves holding specific positions, developing a routine you can easily perform daily.

Ready to re-connect?